MOQ of mask is 11,000. Why MOQ of mask sachets is 50,000?
  1. All sachet factories use a roll of industrial standard aluminum foil to produce mask pouches. A roll can make up to 50,000 sachets and it is not reusable once they used. Whether they produce 11,000 or 50,000 sachets from a roll, they throw away rest of aluminum foil to the recycle. Sachets factories charge the full price of one aluminum roll, not the number of sachets. It means the 50,000 is the way of cost saving for each customer. Usual mask manufactures don’t keep the sachets for small producers (under 50,000 masks) as well due to the lacks of space. However, BeautyMaskFactory keeps the rest of sachets in our factory for client’s future production. It is free of charge service for a year and will be automatically renewed once customer order another 11,000 units or more within a year.
Can I get the prototype of the real package before the production?

No. It is not possible that we provide package prototype. Making copperplates and using a new roll of aluminum foil to make a small number of package sample, is not the cost effective for both of customer and us.  Actual printing color is usually 99% match with the original design file. If the customer send us the design with the Pantone color code, the real package color will be more accurate.