Rayon (Microfiber)


Non-woven fabric, it is the most common mask type of mask in the market.


PRO: Rayon feels similar to cotton and easy to put on face. It is the most economical option to produce sheet mask.

CON: It evaporates very quickly and the essence from the sheet remains for a while after taking off the mask from face. 



Tencel is soft and light material made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp. 


PRO: This eco-friendly sheet offers anti-bacterial function and 40 % greater moisture absorption than rayon or cotton. It doesn’t fall down easily and it offers great fit for the face.

CON: Because tencel is thinner than other sheet materials, it dries more quickly than other cotton or gel type of masks. 



Cotton sheet is one of the most popular sheets and it has a better texture than rayon or tencel mask sheet. 


PRO: The essence in cotton mask evaporate slower than fiber mask. It means the essence stays longer on face and it gives better hydration to your skin.

CON: The fit of cotton mask is not even. There are more gaps between the sheet and the skin. This leads an adhesion loss while you are using the mask.

Hydro gel


Base gel type mask is offering thicker and look more transparent. 


PRO: Hydro gel sheet locks in moisture better and stick to your face easier. It also minimize loss of moisture while you are using it.

CON: As hydro gel mask locks moisture effectively, it usually require longer time to put on face compare to other pulp types of mask.

Hydro Cellulose


Hydro cellulose is made from stem cell, is very thin collagen coated sheet.


PRO: It is very easy to cling to skin and, it offers very high absorption rate and extra hydration while using it.

CON: Hydro cellulose sheet is one of the most expensive pulp type masks. Because it sticks very well, it sometimes not easy to unfold it. 

Gold Aluminum Foil


GOld ALUMINUM foil mask are made with gold and aluminum ingredients.


PRO: Outside of gold foil mask is designed to prevent the essence from evaporation. Essence stays very long on face and keep the face moisturized for a long time.

CON: Gold foil mask is not very commonly used as much as pulp or gel mask. This type of sheet is not a cost effective option for some producers. 

Coconut bio cellulose


Super thin, natural fiber with a diameter of 20 NANO METERS sheet made from good bacteria.


PRO: It is the most environmentally friendly option among all types of mask. The essence in coconut bio cellulose mask is quickly absorb into your skin and the sheet can hold a large amount of moisture.

CON: Coconut bio cellulose sheet is expensive and the material is harder than other gel types of mask. It become soften with mixture of essence after certain period time. (Usually 2-3 months)